Dash4 Brakes Semi Metallic

Type Semi Metallic
Make Dash4
Model Brake Pads

Dash4 Brakes are assembled for original Equipment performance ar TS16949 & VDA6.1 Certified Manufacturing Factories. All Dash4 products are reliable on variety of road surfaces & climate conditions.

Our premium quality Dash4 Semi Metallic Brake sets the bar for full line extended coverage. This line resembles our high quality, accountability& consistent outperformance of competition. Premium Dash4 Brakes allow the driver to explore braking limits of their vehicle, showing the pads fundamental characteristics of shorter stopping distances and tremendous stopping power.

Extended coverage for early and late model applications

  • Integrally Molded Process
  • Shrink wrapped for protection
  • 100% shimmed, Chamfered and slotted
  • Powder Coated backing plates
  • 100% Asbestos Free Formulation
  • Hardware and Sensors per O.E.
  • Wear and Noise Tested by independent laboratory For Performance optimization
  • Consistent performance
  • TS 16949 &VDA 6.1 Certified Factory

Dash4 Semi-Metallic BrakesDash4 Pads are manufactured using the same positive molding process utilized by Original Equipment Suppliers. The positive molding process uses an extreme amount of pressure to compress the friction material & bond it to the backing plate. This post-cured process assures the consistent performance throughout the service life of the brake pad, while preventing rust & corrosion.

All of our lines feature mechanical attachment of shims virtually eliminating noise & neutralizing pad vibration. Our pads are also scorched for an easy break in, as well as, forcing any adulteration out of the friction material, adding value & quality to our friction lines. Dash4 material formulation adds reliability & quality to the brake pad enabling greater fade resistance, longer life, and most importantly a smooth ride with enhanced pedal feel.

Our friction lines have always undergone Brake Squeal & vibration analysis, constant Dynameters performance testing, and durability assessments.

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