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  • Dash4 Brakes Ceramic By: admin

    Our premium quality Dash4 Ceramic Brake sets the bar for full line extended coverage. This line resembles our high quality, accountability& consistent outperformance of competition. Premium Dash4 Brakes allow the driver to explore braking limits of their vehicle, showing the pads fundamental characteristics of shorter stopping distances and tremendous stopping power.

    • Smooth braking, Ultra quiet and minimal dusting
    • Integrally molded with positive mold manufacturing process
    • Constrained Multi- Layer Shim made in USA
    • Extended Coverage
    • Shrink Wrapped for protection
    • 100% Shimmed, Chamfered ad Slotted
    • Powder Coated Backing Plates
    • 100% Asbestos Free Formulation
    • Hardware and Sensors per O.E.
    • Wear and Noise Tested by independent laboratory For Performance optimization TS 16949 &VDA 6.1 Certified Factory
  • Super Brakes Ceramic By: admin

    Dash4 Brakes are assembled for original Equipment performance ar TS16949 & VDA6.1 Certified Manufacturing Factories. All Dash4 products are reliable on variety of road surfaces & climate conditions.

    Our base Super Brake Semi Metallic entry level line sets the standard for Brake pads. This line ensures a gentle ride, with virtual elimination of noise and dust, along with decreased vibration, enhancing pedal feel.

    • Exact Formulation for specific application
    • Enhanced manufacturing technology
    • Integrally molded with positive mold manufacturing process
    • Superior quiet performance, clean braking and extended pad life
    • Extended coverage for OE specific platforms and more
    • 100% shimmed, Chamfered and slotted
    • Multi- Layer Stainless steel shim for noise dampening
    • Powder coated backing plates
    • Hardware and sensors included per OE
    • Shrink wrapped for protection
    • Performance, wear and Noise Tested by 3rdparty TS 16949 &VDA 6.1 Certified Factory